Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer Sonnet

For the summer reading program we had to write a poem. Here's mine.

Sonnet of Summer

I owe all my small joys to teenagers.
Preening, prancing, flirting, flaunting, guarding
These waters teeming full of kids and sun.
Taking orders, shaving ice and pouring
Flavor, grape! On my sno cone, cold and sweet.
Their lives are wrapped up in themselves and they
Do not realize their power for good.
For my small days are made or ruined by
The availability of water
To wash away the heartache of these days.
The heat can be oppressive, but the cool
Of water, the giggle of my Anna,
The sweet refreshment of my standard grape
Reclaim my days, reclaim my summer fun.

(Except it's not really a sonnet because I didn't make it rhyme at all. Maybe if I keep working on it I can get there.)


Anonymous said...

i like it the way it is :).

linda jean said...

rhyme shmime. sounds good to me :)

betsyann said...

You're both too nice. Tomorrow I'm posting a rhyming version-but I do like it less.

mllr said...

I like this very much.