Friday, July 31, 2009

"The pinkest juice in the world"

We got out of town pretty late on Wednesday because Matthew had to get some things done on the farm, and remembered on the way there that we planned the trip that way, leaving late on Wednesday, so that Matthew could get some work done in the morning. I guess that was smart.

We took an alternate route because there was something enormous on the highway just outside of Scott City and there was no way around it.

We stopped in Leoti for a quick potty and drink stop, and found Belly Washers. 99 cents, and Anna was delighted. It's the only thing she drank out of at the cabin, and it's still a hit at home.

We got to the airport in time-and found that flying out at night is much more peaceful in the Denver airport.

Anna finally fell asleep at the very end of the flight, and then we took a shuttle to a hotel and spent the night in Portland, where Anna happily believed that two chairs pulled together and covered with an extra blanket was "a special bed just for her". Yippee! (she kicks)

A good first day of traveling.


mllr said...

"in fact, it's really sweet!" Cute!

betsyann said...

That's my favorite part too. What four year old says "in fact"?