Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back to School Skirt

I wanted to make a Back to School Skirt with Anna, but I really didn't know if we would get to it.  One morning she came down to pick out fabric and found a piece of an apron I had goofed up and asked if we could make a skirt out of it.  It was brilliant-because three sides were already finished, so all we had to do was sew it together and put in a casing for elastic.  

I let her run the machine all by myself-which was very hard.  I tried not to be hover-y, and she did a fantastic job.  She went nice and slow and did a wonderful job sewing in a straight line.  I could not figure out how to explain moving the elastic through the casing-she kept doing it backwards.   We'll have to work on that some more.  

Here she is, proud in her new skirt.

She's very excited to wear it to school.  Today!!


In the Mix said...

Super cute! I would be a hover-y momma too. :)

Susan said...

Love it! You're a brave momma.

Melanie said...

Love everything about this!