Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sugar Cookies

**I know, you want Jimmy pictures!  We'll get there.  In the meantime, I have posts scheduled for a week or two.  (I had to find things to do while I was waiting!)

On Election Day Anna and I made some Sugar Cookies.  

Mrs. Hope's recipe in Mom's handwriting, a card chock full of happy associations.  I've got to add "scan all of Mom's recipes" to my list sometime.  Susan and Abby need to have these too.  

Katie happily measured ice and scooped it from one container to the next while Anna and I were baking.  

You can see we're not totally used to the glasses yet-I think she was up for a couple of hours before we noticed.  She's getting the hang of leveling flour, and definitely loves using the mixer.  

 I didn't roll them out, we just made a log and cut circles.  I was thankful Anna was up for that.  I think having this cake plate out is great inspiration!  We've been keeping it mostly full of tasty treats.  


Susan said...

I've been meaning to transfer the recipes for years, but then I would miss out on the handwriting, which is really the best part. We'll have to have a scanning party some day.

Molly and Patrick said...