Friday, August 24, 2012

Crochet Shawl

I actually made something for myself!

I found this pattern last fall-maybe in an email from Lion Brand?  Simple Crochet Shrug

Image of Simple Crochet Shrug

I bought the yarn for it and slooowwly, at night and at the cabin and in those days before Threesie when I was trying to sit still, I finished it!  It was super simple.

Mine is, of course, longer than the one in the picture because I crochet so loosely.  I followed the measurement guidelines and I think it'll work just fine, but it is bigger.  I used my favorite yarn, Lion Brand Homespun, in Barley.  

It's very soft and snuggly and Anna already wants to steal it.

A reason to look forward to Fall!

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