Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fusible applique flower

Chelsea's wedding quilt involves some fusible applique, and it occurred to me that I ought to try it out on something smaller rather than begin with a queen size quilt for my oldest friend's wedding.  

So I made this little flower using the leaf shapes from the quilt pattern.  

It was REALLY fun and easy.  You just draw shapes and cut them out and pick little bits of fabric and make a picture and iron them on and then sew around them-so much potential.  Here's a tutorial I found-I didn't use it or anything-but in case you're curious.  

So much fun to learn new things!  


Susan said...

I really really love that. The picture, the size, the colors, the fabrics. Super covety.

Melanie said...

Very happy flower! Looks like a blanket stitch around it--you didn't do that all by hand, did you??

betsyann said...

Sus-I know-I thought it looked so much like us and like Mom. She would have liked it too.

Mel-nope-on my machine! It was pretty easy and fun.