Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Jimmy's first photo shoot

Remember when I took these pictures of Anna and Katie in their matching froggy pj's from Auntie Sus?

This summer at Goodwill I spotted another pair-in 18 months!  So Katie could wear those and Jimmy could wear the newborn outfit and Anna still fit into hers.  More matching clothes pictures!  I love matching.  

Jimmy is already worried about this.  

I somehow caught this beautiful one of Katie. 

Jimmy calmed down a lot once his sisters were on the scene.  He just didn't want to be the only one in froggy jammies, I guess.  

This one is MJL's favorite.  Katie doesn't LOOK malicious.  

See, most of the time she really loves him.  

And we even got some with three kids looking nice.  Thanks kiddos!


Susan said...

So stinking adorable.

Melanie said...

Yes, adorable, and how awesome is that to find the SIZE you needed at Goodwill!? It was meant to be. :)