Saturday, November 08, 2008

A Christmas Bag!

I found some quilted Christmas fabric at the thrift shop in downtown Goodland on my trip with Anna. I wanted to try to make a bag like my Vera bag for Christmas. This time, I tried to do a good job, and think things through, do all of the steps, etc. I even ironed some as I was sewing.

I'm very pleased with how it came out.

It has a pocket for my phone and sunglasses, though I made these a bit too shallow. That's one of the troubles with using scrap fabric.

One of my favorite things is that I used a Coke box for the bottom stabilizer.

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Susan said...

ooooh! very pretty. I'm impressed.

In the Mix said...

Very nice! I'm also very impressed.

Linda said...

I love it! You are so creative! And how cool that you found the fabric in downtown Goodland. :) Where do you find these projects or do you just think them up in your head? I'm super impressed with your skills!

betsyann said...

Thanks everyone! I actually enjoyed taking my time on this one. Maybe I'm growing up.

Trinket said...

I love it! It's adorable! You did a great job.