Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Christmas Lists

I was updating my Amazon list for Christmas today, and lamenting that I didn't have an easy way to link to other things, or places, especially Etsy, when Amazon told me that I did! (have an easy way to do that)

You add this little button to your browser, and then you can add anything at all from the internet to your wish list!

I'm having lots and lots of fun.

On Etsy, you can browse by location (Kansas!)

or by color

or you can Pounce (see new stores, or stores that just sold something)

or shop normally, looking at a list.


linda jean said...

oh my. I should have waited to click on Etsy until i was home. I'm having a hard time working now.

dbilberry said...

I just discovered Etsy recently. It's so cool. Maybe I'll get to sell something on Etsy someday.

betsyann said...

lj--What are you looking at? Are you adding things to your list?

db--What are you making!?! You're so secretive. :)