Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pumpkin Seeds

Sarah sent me some instructions about how to take apart and use a punkin, so tonight we did it. I'll give you her instructions with my pictures and commentary.

We started with this funny looking pumpkin from the patch. They told me it would be good for pie.

We'll start with the seeds...

Cut the pumpkin in half. Look! It looks like a regular pumpkin inside.

Then scoop out the guts and separate the seeds.

Rinse the seeds in the colander. This was my favorite part, because I could use the sprayer attachment in the sink and make the seeds spin. See?

Then dry the seeds. I spread them out on a towel and left them for a couple of minutes. I'm not very patient.

Mix them in a bowl with 1-2T of olive oil per 1-2 cups of seeds, and add salt/other seasonings until it smells good. I had a problem with this, as I cannot smell. I probably put in way too much salt, but I figure you can just brush it off.

Spread them on a baking sheet and bake for 10-20-30 minutes at 350, checking every 10 minutes. They should take on some color. After 15 minutes mine started popping like popcorn, so I took them out of the oven. They taste OK. I don't really know what pumpkin seeds are supposed to taste like. Maybe I just don't like them.


Steven317 said...

even if you didn't like them, I'm still envious--I love me some pumpkin seeds. It does seem a bit excessive though, a whole pumpkin for a handful of pumpkin seeds. Alas.

In the Mix said...

Pumpkin seeds are somewhat an acquired taste. The outside is so thick and require so much chewing that I'm pretty sure you expend more energy eating them than they actually give you. Daniel loves them and so does Phinn. I can take them or leave them.
Did you roast the pumpkin. That is about the orangest inside of a pumpkin I've ever seen!

In the Mix said...

Sorry there should have been a question mark in there...

betsyann said...

We did roast it! Details maƱana.

Melanie said...

Did you take the picture with one hand while making the seeds spin with the other?? Impressive!

I think the idea of roasted pumpkin seeds always sounds better to me than they actually taste. I concur with the outside being so think and having to chew so much.

I was just pondering today if our 2painted pumpkins on the porch would still be good for cooking up after possibly being's kind of a pain, but it's nice to have the pumpkin puree for pies, muffins, etc.!

Anonymous said...

ok pioneer woman!!

b, i'm the same way. i went to all the effort and ... bleh. ended up throwing them away!