Sunday, November 16, 2008

Christmas Nerdery

Earlier this week I spent a couple of hours in the basement doing one of my favorite things. I got all of the Christmas stuff together and went through the boxes of gifts I've accumulated over the year and wrote them all down. It's one Christmas thing I can legitimately do before Thanksgiving.

I went upstairs to print out my gift pages, and it occurred to me that it was perhaps all a little crazy. But then Organizational Betsy perked up and yelled at me. "It's not crazy! It saves time and money and aggravation and it's fun too!" Then she insisted that I share the documents, because Organizational Betsy is also bossy.

Christmas Gifts


I use these to keep track of what I have, need to get, etc. I love looking at my lists, crossing things off, checking to see everyone has the same number of presents, knowing if I need stocking stuffers or if I'm all set. Feel free to use them, if that sounds like fun to you. Google Docs makes them two pages, I'm not sure why, so just print page 1 and that'll work.

I love Christmas.


Jenny said...

This reminds me of a story Heath told me from his office... Two of the guys on his team were talking excitedly about the "killer spreadsheet" one of them had created... :-) Heath smiled fondly at their nerdery.

Being part of the nerd team, though, Heath created a spreadsheet for our Christmas giving a few years ago that looks a lot like your list. Unfortunately, we are not as good with follow-through and planning ahead as you are despite our list.

Anonymous said...

i am impressed that you shop for Christmas all year round. that is the way to do it. i also have a list, but it's a mere handwritten one. i was depressed after seeing that i had only bought ONE gift so far. i guess it'll be a good excuse to shop :).

Roach Momma said...

I LOVE lists! I've finally been smart enough to put them on the computer so I'm not re-creating lists. You should see what I had ready for Keira's arrival and my new travel packing lists. I don't think being organized is nerdy at all. Ok...well, maybe a little bit. But I'm ok with that :)

mllr said...

I really wish I could do that but I can't shop year round because I have too much time to second guess myself. I am serious.

Shauna said...

I like to make charts, spreadsheets, and lists, but it has more to do with avoiding the actual tasks at hand than it does with being organized. Speaking of lists, this is the ultimatest.