Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Paper

Old paper goods, why do you taunt me?

Look at this old Christmas paper. It's pink! And it has such lovely winter scenes! I like the fireplace the best. Or maybe the ice skating, or the white oddly shaped Christmas Tree, or the Pilgrims eating dinner?
But I'm using it this year, dang it.

I find myself saying out loud, while wrapping gifts, "There's no reason to hoard ribbon. Just use it."

Anyone else have this problem?


Amanda Stehlik said...

I am over my ribbon hoarding, but I still hoard small boxes and any bags with handles.

In the Mix said...

I am still hoarding ribbon. It's in storage this year so at least I can't add to it. I also hoard Christmas tins. I know I will use them...

easton's momma said...

I hoard wrapping paper. I have 2 of those wrapping paper rubbermaids completely full. Finally decided last year that I can't buy any more until at least 75% of this stuff is gone! And this year I decided I can't open any of the new ones until all of the older/already open ones are gone. And I've given up on ribbon and bows for the time being (even though I have a ton), cuz they'll just get pulled off this year! Maybe next year!