Monday, December 14, 2009

O Christmas Five

Crafting, Goodwill, Trips, Friends, and


We're happy and lucky to have some ornaments from Matthew's family. This Noel ball is one of my favorites.

My Mom gave us an ornament each year in our stockings, and wrote the date on them somewhere, so I have an ornament for every year, and her handwriting, which makes me happy.
Remember when Anna gave us all names from Pooh and we were only to refer to each other that way? We all have ornaments from that time. Here's me, Tigger, in 2007.

We also have lots of photo ornaments. Matthew in Kindergarten, Anna last year. Sometimes I think we're definitely going to need another tree. :)

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Nanny Smith said...

Betsy, more Christmas trees are ALWAYS a good thing!