Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009 (1)

Our Thanksgiving festivities started, as usual, with the baking of many pies. Matthew's Mom told him he had to wear a mask (strep throat) but it didn't slow us down much. We tried (again) to bake 4 pies at once and failed (again) to remember how much longer that takes. So the pumpkin pies took forever (again) and the pecan pies were runny (again), but still tasty.

Susan and Abby and Poppa Ted all came out to our house on Thursday morning.

We had the 8th Annual Connect Four Tournament (more on that tomorrow) and ate lots of yummy food.

Our fireplace isn't working at the moment, so Matthew set it up as a screen for the projector. We watched The Sound of Music (Abby had never seen it!) and played Wii.

And, of course, there was some dress up, and some taking care of babies.

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Momma M said...

When our family was growing up, I had a used electric stove hooked up in the shed to the welding outlet for such times as these; your pies would love it. It also helped for baking in the summer. The Wii games sound fun.