Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Internet meets real world

Last Friday I had one of those days that turns out entirely different than you expect. My plan was to go right home after school and get to work. I had a much better day instead.
First I had to go to town to pick up Anna, so I got to swim. I am really loving swimming every day. It's amazing that I never thought to join the YMCA before now. I swim a mile 3 times a week, and about 1000 yards the other days. If I time it right, I get done in time to change and watch the last 30 minutes of Days of Our Lives while walking on the treadmill, and then I pick up Anna from school.

Anyhoo-back to my day. Then Linda called and told me she was reading a poem at GCCC, and that I should go and meet Shauna and her family there. What a treat! I haven't seen Shauna in years, but we're connected via this wonderful Internet.
Here's Linda's poem, a delight as always.

Like Pudding by Linda Lobmeyer
It can be an instant sensation-
like pudding, like chocolate,
which tastes best from the instant,
or it can be like butterscotch,
which is much better from
the cook-n-serve (stirred
and stirred). Smooth,
spongy on top, sweet
on the tongue. It's simple
pleasure: love like pudding.
A heart reaches
for a spoon and punches
through the skin to eat mushiness.
We eat because it feels right.
We are happier than we were
without the pudding.

Then I got to chat with all of those fun people while Anna and the girls played at McDonalds, and then, tiring of that noisy place, we all gathered for dinner at my house. The girls (who never met, but have watched each other grow up on the blogs) had a wonderful time and the rest of us had some wine and conversation. What fun!

Way better than the day I had planned.


Shauna said...

It was a good day! Thanks for being such a gracious hostess on short notice!

malh said...

We ate pudding while we read Linda's poem today...The butterscotch kind.