Sunday, December 13, 2009

O Christmas Four

Crafting, Goodwill, Trips,


This Hula Santa came from friends Jon and Kerri when they were stationed in Hawaii. It's funny that a Hula Santa could make anyone feel all proud and American, but he does.

This L is from one of my very favorite students ever, who gave it to Anna when she was born. Sweet Chris. :)

Katrina has given us many of the coolest ornaments on our tree, like this drum, which I took 5 pictures of, all blurry. Also a high hat on a stand that really works! Katrina's the best. :)

This football is from a "grown up" friend for our graduation from K-State. Donna and I share a great love for KSU football. This ornament reminds me of our young marrieds small group, and what a neat time that was.


Amanda Stehlik said...

I am in LOVE with these lasts posts! Growing up, my mom would ask us each year, "Have you caught the Christmas spirit yet?" When we did, we got to share what it was that gave us that special, warm, holiday cheer-y feeling. Congratulations...your collection has given me just that. Thanks for sharing!

betsyann said...

Sweet thing, thank you! Love to spread that Christmas cheer. :)