Saturday, December 12, 2009

O Christmas Three

Crafting, Goodwill, and

I got this pretty one this summer at the Saturday Market in Eugene. I look at him and think about shopping with Katrina and Chelsea, and the beach, and hiking, and talking, and friends.
This little crab is from the trip we took to Baltimore when Anna was 6 months old, for the Foreign Language teachers convention. I think of the aquarium, and the Thanksgiving Parade on Anna's 6 month birthday, and Anna and Matthew exploring the town together.
I got this one on my big Southern road trip with Katrina, on a morning of trying to stay out of the sun because got such a sunburn the day before. What? Glitter sunscreen not that effective?

This one is from one of my running away trips with Anna, when we went to Dorothy's house last year. I remember parks and playing and laughing together.

Christmas ornaments are my favorite souvenirs.

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Trinket said...

Oh, the glitter sunscreen. Ouch! I like remembering with you, though!