Monday, February 22, 2010


When Matthew is out of town, Anna and I like to make up our own fun things to eat that Daddy doesn't like. When he was gone in January, we made this frittata with spinach and tomatoes and yellow squash and mushrooms and egg whites and eggs and a little cheese. Frittatas are my new favorite thing. You just cut up everything, mix it all together (except the cheese), and then cook it on low heat in the skillet (I put a lid on it). Then I sprinkled some cheese on top threw it in the oven at 500 for a little while. That's it! We loved it.


Susan said...

I've always been curious about frittatas. They look so easy, but surely they can't be. Do you have to have the right pans? A cast iron skillet? Something I don't have? It's all so complicated. :)

In the Mix said...


betsyann said...

It's a regular skillet. Maybe we'll make one when you're home next week. Abby can help, she's equally afraid of impovisation.