Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine Portraits

One of my favorite personal traditions is taking Valentines Day Portraits of Anna. Last year
I got some beautiful pictures, so I was half excited, half nervous, when it was time to try again.

This was the first shot of the day. She was really into this pose.

It was tricky, because she has this funny fake smile right now, so I had to keep her talking in order to avoid it.

Towards the end she realized we hadn't taken any in a crown! *gasp*

I don't know why she had her hands above her head, and I don't know how I caught a moment where she's looking at the camera and not making a strange face. I love this one, though it seems a little "model"-y.

And this one is probably my favorite. A real face. Happy Valentine's Day!


Amanda Stehlik said...

I like the model pose because she is looking right into the camera! Love the braids!

Melanie said...

Ugh, we have the fake smile here, too. It just doesn't do the kiddos justice in pics. You caught some precious ones, though!

The Gray Roach said...

So sweet and she is a beautiful princess!

easton's momma said...

The one with her hands above her head is wonderful! It looks very professional actually! The color is so good, and her eyes just penetrate. Beautiful!