Monday, February 01, 2010

Organize Now!

I picked up the book Organize now! a couple of weeks ago. I thought it looked like fun. Is that strange?

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I am having a really good time with it. It goes one week at a time through life, organizing little bits at a time. In January we were "organizing myself", getting all set up with a planner and a cleaning schedule and lists, all things that I love.

Remember when I was asking what sorts of things you're supposed to do to your house, other than the regular cleaning and tidying? I finally looked online and made up a list, and I'm going to do one bigish task each month. Some of these things Better Homes and Gardens thought I should do monthly, but if I haven't washed the windows in 5 years, it doesn't seem like something that I need to do every month. :)

Here's my annual list:

January: Wash Curtains
February: Deep Clean Carpets
March: Medicine Cabinets
April: Pantry
May: Windows
June: Fridge and Freezer
July: Rotate and Flip Mattresses
August: Check Batteries
September: Wash baseboards
October: Light Fixtures
November: Vacuum upholstery/wash slipcovers
(Don't judge me for never doing these things.)

Next month we're going to be organizing my papers. I've had "buy a fireproof box" on my mental list for years, and it's one of the tasks in the first week of February. Very exciting.


In the Mix said...

I think I may have to get this book. It looks like something that might get/keep me organized, as I'm all about lists and written accountability. Thanks for sharing it. :)

dbilberry said...

I like the idea of one thing a month. Doesn't seem so overwhelming that way.

Susan said...

I love having all of my papers organized in a filing cabinet. I had no idea how much stress it alleviates. That, and having a shoe rack. So much nicer.

The Gray Roach said...

I need that book. I love making lists, just hardly ever get through them. And I never get to those "big tasks" as it is all I can do to keep up on the little ones.
Brent and I have 7 years worth of paper to organize. don't they say you can throw things away that are 7 years old?

betsyann said...

Got my fireproof box today, organization is exciting!

In the Mix said...

Ordered this book right after I commented this morning. It's in the mail as we speak. I cannot believe how excited I am...nerdy. :)