Friday, February 05, 2010

Tea Party!

One Friday in January, Anna came in to the kitchen, dressed in a floor length gown, (as usual) and suggested we have a tea party. That seemed like a good idea, so we did. (Before you think too highly of me, I was ironing curtains, and who doesn't want to quit ironing curtains, if given the opportunity?)We used my pretty pink dishes.
We had Cheese and Crackers, cut "fancy", and Choco-Banana Pocky...very elegant.
And "Hors d'oeuvres"
This is something my Grandma Madge used to make for me, when we had "fancy" snacks together. Saltines, cream cheese, and sweet pickle. It's always been one of my favorite treats. These had a little too much sweet pickle, and I used relish because it was quicker, but I think it's better how she made it, with very thin slices of tiny sweet pickles.

We had a lovely time.


Susan said...

I love saltines and cream cheese. Hands down - my favorite comfort food.

That Pocky looks like Dr. Seuss food.

dbilberry said...

You just gave me a new snack idea. Thanks! Sounds good. Hope the kiddos like. Usually they see green and they turn green. A tea sweet.

Amanda Stehlik said...

You're a great Mama.

Shelby said...

hey you made me start my fabulous day :) ..with a tea party.

love love love the music down a few posts.. Sara Groves. Awesome song.

In the Mix said...

Lovely. :)