Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Resolution breaking

Remember how I'm not supposed to buy any new crafting things?

One trip to Goodwill = one pretty old sheet, two pretty pillowcases, and this sweet canvas fabric with barns and dancing folk people.

I figure, as long as I use it this year for something, it'll be OK. :)


dbilberry said...

I think it's kind of sweet that you broke this resolution. You can't bring a good crafting lady down right? A girl's got to craft. It seems for you, it's lifegiving:) I'd say go for it and don't look back. I love seeing all your crafting adventures.

lobiwan said...

(gasps in horror)

Amanda Stehlik said...

It was a silly resolution anyway.

Melanie said...

Oh come on, nothing's broken--if it's from Goodwill, it's not really NEW, is it??

The barn fabric is adorable.

betsyann said...

lifegiving...I like that Darci. Sounds much better than "I get cranky if I don't have time to make something every couple of days."

I have some ideas for the sheets and pillowcases...it might not be done this year, but I need to gather up lots of different soft old sheet prints, so I don't mind about that purchase so much.

And the barn--too adorable. I'll try to use it soon.