Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A totally new project

I had the idea to make this way back in June.

Finally I got some dimensions and got to work. I carefully chose fabric (of course choosing one piece that was just BARELY big enough, and then having trouble with that choice) and then quilted it.
I used some narrow seam binding (a first!) and put in a button hole (another first!). I love this lining.

Can you guess what it is?A thank you to Chelsea's Jim, who took such good care of us while Chels was working.

I'm really hoping it fits. It was a super fun project.


linda jean said...

I just couldn't quite think of what to say... I need to forward this to Higerd because she would love love love it.

jenn higerd said...

awesome! makes me happy and giggly! maybe you should bedazzle it?

Jenny said...

Somehow I missed this post! Who is this for? You? Chelsea? The case looks so friendly and domestic, but then wham! The cold steel of a gun inside. Definitely a good disguise, if that's what you're going for. I don't think people would ever guess what it held.

betsyann said...

It's for Chelsea's Jim, who loves the color pink, leisure suits, and guns. It was very exciting to combine the three into a project.

He had this particular little gun inside a camera case, so it was also a very practical gift, my favorite kind.

Momma M said...

Both Ken and I wanted to know what make the gun was. I told him about your cute case when we were at the gun show.

betsyann said...

Pheonix Arms Model HP22