Monday, March 02, 2009

Abby's Quilt

Abby and I did the quilting class together. I loved that. I'm hoping to talk her into another one in a month or so.

Here she is with her very first quilt.
When I saw that picture, I thought of this one immediately. The same smile.

She is much more like Mom as a quilter than I am. Slow, careful, and particular; she's going to be a wonderful seamstress.


Jenny said...

You have such a special family, Betsy. The quilts you and Abby made are beautiful! I do hope she'll do another class with you sometime.

Susan said...

Wow- I love Abby's quilt! Did she make it for me?

betsyann said...

She made it for herself. We're going to put a pocket on the back so she can fold it into itself for bus trips.

Thanks Jenny, I think so too.

Susan said...

well shoot. I guess I'll have to take a quilting class then.

malh said...

How cool. That is beautiful.