Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Break Day 6

On this day (Thursday) we FINALLY finished hanging all of the drywall. It went much faster once we got a new bit for the drill.

Old bit:

I don't understand why, but there was some problem, and things were a zillion times faster with the new bit.
New bit:
Construction-y types: Any answers for me?

Also I remembered that Matthew forgets to breathe when he is concentrating so I was able to remind him to. That helped a bit.

The tiny pieces took soooo looong. I thought we were almost done for hours.

All done!


Momma M said...

Now for an orange shag rug and pink ponies on shelves! Seriously, I have a shelf/toybox combo to give away if you are interested.

malh said...

And to think some people hire professionals....

betsyann said...

Professionals...I did daydream about them while we were doing this. Sweeping in, doing all of the work, sweeping out...then I imagined paying them, and got back to work. :)

Shelf/ big? I may be interested.