Sunday, March 01, 2009

Scarf party

A few weeks ago I went to a scarf party with the teachers from my school. Our 2nd grade teacher had been to one over Christmas, and all of the teachers loved her scarves. I didn't take pictures then, but I recreated the steps yesterday with Anna, in case you want to try it. It was lots of fun and we've all been enjoying and getting lots of compliments on our scarves.

Here are the steps:

Everyone should bring a couple of skeins of fun yarn.
Then you cut the yarn into 9 foot lengths. You can cut the whole skein, or just part of it, depending on how popular you think the yarn will be. It's a good idea to have some room to lay out and measure, and also lots of scissors. We draped the yarn lengths over the balcony, which worked well, it was easy to see all of the colors and they were out of the way and not tangly.

Then you choose 18 (or so) lengths of yarn. You can mix it all up, or choose a couple of colors, whatever you'd like. These are the colors Anna chose.

Then you put the yarn around your neck. We did this as we were choosing, to get an idea of the colors. Just drape it however you'd like to wear it once you have your 18. Then tie some knots into the whole bundle -at the ends, wherever you'd like. Done!

You can trim off the uneven bits or leave them dangly.

I gathered all of our bits, I've got lots of ideas for projects with them.

Anna and I made this browny-pinky-purply one yesterday too, and we're giving it away! We passed 250 posts last week sometime-we'll consider this a celebration of that.

Just leave a comment, with some way to reach you.
And let me know if you decide to do a party like this-It was fun and easy.


mllr said...

Darling scarves! I love it.

Susan said...

what a cutie. I like that shirt she's wearing - is it a dress?

betsyann said...

OK- My random number generator (hey Anna- 1 or 2?) picked 2 so Susan wins. I thought you'd have more competition. I'll mail it sometime...