Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Un día terrible, horrible, espantoso, horroroso

Last week, all in one day:

I got yelled at (it all worked out, no hard feelings, but still no fun)

My sewing machine broke. The one Mom gave me, that we played with together, that we were supposed to take to sewing classes.

My computer crashed, I lost the hard drive, 6 months worth of pictures, and my homework for class.

I had to talk to the airlines, found out I couldn't do what I wanted to do, Anna has to fly or we're out $$$.


Talking things out always makes things better.

I have another sewing machine because Matthew is nice and classifies it as a basic need and Target had one on sale.

We didn't lose anything too important, and after 5 hours of hard work I'm all caught up for my class. We had a really easy week this week so I was able to do both in one night.

Because Anna had to fly, we decided to vacation in Oregon for our 10th anniversary, and Anna gets to play with Jonathan, which sounds better anyway.


Algunos días son así, inclusive en Australia.


Trinket said...

What was the deal with the airline?

The Gray Roach said...

Why does Anna have to fly? I must have missed out on a previous post about that one. But now I'm really curious.

betsyann said...

She and I were going to go to Oregon last June and couldn't go. So we had a credit with the airline. I thought I could use it to go to Oregon with Katrina, but it turns out Anna has to fly in order to get the money. Non-transferable.