Sunday, March 08, 2009

I went to an auction

I love going to auctions. I had forgotten how much. The last time I went I took Anna with me, she was tiny in the stroller.

I went because it was an auction with lots of crafty supplies. Mostly they went too high for my low budget, but I did get the main thing that I wanted. A giant stack of old crafting magazines from the 70's. I'm super excited. I keep thinking that I can have a party with a bunch of crafty girls and we can look at them together and it will be loads of fun and then I remember that I am the only person who thinks that would be fun. I'll have to have my own party.

I put a couple in front so you can see-The stack is a good two feet tall.

In the months ahead, as I slowly savor my treasure, I'm sure you'll get to see some funny ads and ridiculous projects.


Trinket said...

I want to come to your party!

jmlo said...

Have good food,drinks, and company--I imagine everyone will want to come...
You could call it the Chocolate, Kahlua, and Crafts Coffee Klatch.

easton's momma said...

If you lived closer I'd come to your party!