Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back Sacks

I had this idea that I wanted to make all the kids back sacks for the favor bags for the party.

I knew that was kind of crazy, making 8 back sacks for a 4 year old birthday party, so I tried REALLY hard not to make them, but then decided that trying not to make them was stressing me out just as much as sitting down and making them would, so I got the fabric and went to work.

First, I used this pattern, which was kind of hard and more complicated than I wanted and didn't have easily pullable straps.

So Abby came out and we tried to modify the pattern, but it still didn't pull nicely. So far we'd dedicated about 3 hours to the project, and we had 1.5 bags.

Finally I decided to trust myself and just think about it for a minute.

10 minutes later I had one done. The straps (some poly rope) pulled through easily, it looked cute, and it was super quick. I got the next 6 done in about an hour.

I didn't take pictures as I was making them, or I'd do a tutorial. Maybe I'll add it to my summer list.

Here's a picture of all 8.

Crazy, but fun.


Melanie said...

I thought these were awfully cute--and I too have been in the same boat of 'trying not to do' something and ending up more stressed!

I looked at this pattern and it looks confusing. :) Doesn't take much to confuse me, sewing-wise, though.

I wanted to try this one: http://makeitandloveit.blogspot.com/2009/06/easy-as-cinch-bag.html

Seems simple, but no lining.

betsyann said...

That's close to what I did, but I just used a longer piece of fabric and folded it. I didn't need a seam at the bottom because I used a grommet maker to make the holes to put the ropes through. And I didn't double fold my top, just zigzagged the edges and folded it once to make the casing.