Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kite Party

The Kite Party was a success! Matthew was nervous because it was awfully windy, he didn't think the kites would be able to stand up to it. He was partly right, out of the 5 kites, only two worked, but we all had fun anyway.

Anna's favorite food is Chinese, so we just ordered our favorites from Golden Dragon, along with some goodies from the Asian Market.
These "Fresh Jelly" candies were too strange for me to pass up. Can you read the label?

They had a fine flavor, but the texture was definitely not American. Sort of, more firm and more slippery than Jello. It wiggled, but didn't dissolve in your mouth.
Anna loved the Rice candy.

It was a good day.


malh said...

I am having a kite party next year for my birthday. I think I'll have some kind of Asian fare too. I hope Anna doesn't mind if I steal the idea. It just is so totally cool. It must have something to do with the final song from my favorite movie.

dbilberry said...

Well at least you don't have to worry about the kite getting caught in any trees. We have the problem around here:)

betsyann said...

You definitely should malh! It was super fun.

d-we did get one tangled in a tree-amazingly enough-after the wind broke the string it flew ALL the way across the field into a tree. :)