Friday, May 29, 2009

Summer Music

Last year Linda put out a plea for good summer music-I'm going to steal her idea.

The tricky bit is--Anna's a real mimic, so it has to be OK for a four year old, but still fun for Mama.

I get around this by listening to music in other languages.

So, any picks for me? French rap, Spanish pop, Italian Hip Hop?

Many thanks.


Debbie Tidwell said...

Have you heard anything by Dan Zanes? It's great to listen to, and safe enough lyrically that I use their songs in school a lot. Their albums have some spanish, but their most recent is all spanish called "Nueva York." Russ even likes to listen to them ;) I think the website is It's kind of tricky to find CD's in town, but Hastings had some by the children's books the last time I looked (which was a while ago). But you can also order online or iTunes.

Susan said...

I think you might like Priscilla Ahn. I had a song of hers on an old mix that Mom really liked. She's soft and pretty and sings sweet songs.

malh said...

I found this french cafe cd at the library-- I think that is what it is called--the french cafe. fun music. don't have a clue what they're saying. Also--I don't think anything says summer more than Glenn Miller.