Saturday, May 16, 2009

Courthouse Memorial

The Finney County Employees all gathered up money for a memorial last year, and in May, just before Mother's Day, it was all planted and set up in front of the courthouse.

Mom loved the courthouse, I remember her being sad when they made the move to the administration building. She didn't want to leave the wood and marble for mauve and green.

So I'm glad the benches are in front of the courthouse, nice and symmetrical on both sides of the big steps. There are 24 bright pink/red rose bushes, Russian sage, which will be blue-ish when it grows up, and snowball bushes! Snowball bushes are a very important part of our family. Red, white, and blue. I think she would really like it.

I sat there for a long time.

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jmlo said...

Lovely...what a fitting memorial.