Friday, May 22, 2009


School's out!

Here's my initial list of what I'd like to get done in the next two months...

1. Fix Windshield
2. Scrapbook-2 years worth
3. Funeral book
4. Anna 8x10's
5. Anna Frame
6. Shannon Quilt
7. Molly G Quilt
8. Learn to Machine Quilt
9. June video
10. July video
11. Oregon trip with girls June
12. Oregon trip with family July
13. Cabin trip with family sometime
14. Get out summer clothes
15. Keep up with garden and yard
16. Make Ruffle Top for myself
17. Train for 10K
18. Felt Rocks
19. Build a compost bin
20. Make digital recordings of the tapes I made for Abby when she was 4.
21. Make album from Katrina's wedding.


Looky Looky!

They're going to do an archaeological dig at Scott Park this summer! I think that's really neat and exciting and I hope we can go over and do something with them.

Crazy or ambitious? I never know.


Susan said...

oooh! i love that ruffle top.

Melanie said...

Inspiring! I want to make my own list now. I hope they are not ranked in order of priority, because I think you oughta get to #14 pretty quick! ;)

betsyann said...

#14 done this afternoon. I can't believe I left it this late-it was a very cool spring.

betsyann said...

I figured out how to cross off things as I do them-so I can keep track!

Two so far today--goooood day.

Roach Momma said...

Ditto on the top - gorgeous! If only I had confidence as a seamstress...

Did you get my email about us coming that way in July? Let me know if you didn't and I'll resend.

Good luck with the list :)