Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kansas Sampler Festival

We finally tore ourselves away from the rocks and hopped back in the car for the short trip over to Concordia for the Festival.

I had to talk Anna into it, but eventually she agreed to wear her bear backpack (leash) so that I could hang onto her.

We spent most of our time listening to music,
(this little guy wandered over to dance with her)
playing at the kid's museum,

and riding trikes! They had this great kids area that was just a fenced-in square of concrete with dozens of riding toys-trikes, bikes, scooters, tractors...she had a fantastic time there.

It was also fun to see Marci and WenDee, thanks for all you do!


linda jean said...

Hooray for Sampler Festival!!

jmlo said...

The fun never stops! :)