Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Minneapolis KS

On a whim, we decided to pull off the big highway and spend the night in Minneapolis. We found a small grocery store and got some applesauce to donate at the sampler festival and a dinner recommendation.

I like small towns. I asked the girl checking us out where we should eat dinner, and she called over to a lady shopping and asked: "Is the Blue Moon open tonight?"

It was, and we got directions, where to park, and assurances that the food was good.

You enter through the alley, which Anna thought was very silly. It was dark and fun in the basement restaurant, with lots of twinkle lights. Anna and I shared a filet and some oven-baked fries, on the advice of the waitress. There were lots of locals hanging out and having fun.

After dinner we went back to the Rock City Motel, complete with fall forest mural and bright orange counter tops. I love small hotels because they're cheap and usually have free internet and good TV. And because the proprieters are generally happy to see you.

I had some trouble getting my computer to work, Anna bounced on the bed and preened in front of the mirror for a while.


Susan said...

I love that first picture. Very hipster.

betsyann said...

I never even thought of it until your comment, but you're right! Funny.

mllr said...

those drapes are special...probably have been hanging there for 35 years.