Friday, September 11, 2009

Anna's Room (with too many pictures)

And it only took me three weeks longer than I anticipated! Why am I so crazy about time and projects?

Once I decided that we really needed to redo her room, I stopped being so strict about cleaning up. And we had several REALLY fun days with cousins. I sent her to take some "before pictures" Here's one:

I don't see how she could even sleep. She kept the door shut and would tell me "Mama, don't look in there!" (How did she know?)

Aunties Linda and Abby helped with the enormous task of sorting through toys and junk and deciding what to keep and what to give away. It was very very kind of them. That mess of toys is now contained to this bookcase with four boxes.

And a giant hamper of dress-up clothes in the closet. She wasn't willing to give up any dress-up, and I couldn't make her. She's rarely in her regular clothes when we're here anyway.

My parents bought this bunk bed about 15 years ago, I think. I spent lots of time looking at beds online, and looking at auctions, and looking (usually too late) at Garage Sale ads, when I finally remembered this bed sitting in storage.

I'm usually terrible about skipping steps, but this time we sanded, and then wiped it down, and then used primer, and then did lots of light coats of paint, just like they tell you to. Dad mentioned that I should be sanding lightly between coats, and so I did that too. Abby came out and helped and helped until her hands were cramped into little balls. Mine too.

I'm really happy with how it turned out. (Fingers crossed that it holds up for a while).

I covered the top bunk with a pink chenille blanket I had saved, it's so pretty up there. I made her move the giant pile of stuffed animals so I could take this lovely photo, but normally it's pretty crowded (and much more fun).

She's sleeping on the bottom bunk, under her quilt from Grammy Rita, with an afgan crocheted by Great-Grandma Anna Streit at the foot. That makes me really happy.

I think she likes it too.


Susan said...

It's beautiful! I have so many memories of that Grandma Anna afghan. I'm glad it's back in circulation.

linda jean said...

bottom bunk? fear of falling is greater than clausterphobia.

malh said...

beautiful! I love that color of blue.

Anonymous said...

i love it! now she can have friends sleep over.

betsyann said...

Thanks everybody.

We talked her out of the top bunk because she's been getting out of bed in the middle of the night sometimes and we didn't want her to forget she was up there.

Plus I think it's more fun to play up high.

fg-If you need a break, we'll take Sophie for the weekend!

jmlo said...


Trinket said...

It is absolutely lovely.

Abby said...

Love, love, love it!

Melanie said...


I'm glad you explained the before photos. (Not that my kids' rooms don't look like that most of the time!)