Monday, September 21, 2009

Polo Dress

A few weeks ago we found Matthew a new polo shirt that perfectly matched his blue and yellow shoes, right down to the strangely electric color of yellow. I was excited.

But then the first time he wore it he got a little hole in the front. I was sad.

But then I went back to the store and the shirts were on an even better sale! I was happy again.
Now I had a perfectly new polo shirt with just a small hole in the front.

So I made a dress for Anna to match!
I had a great time with this one. First I had to make it smaller, then I had to resize the sleeves and put them back on, and then I had to make the collar smaller.
I sewed up the hole and let Anna pick out a button to cover it with, a pink heart. It works on a little girl dress, I think!


Roach Momma said...

That is the cutest dress - right down to the pink heart button! I think it adds the perfect touch :) I wish I were that confident in my sewing skills. For now, I'll stick with crochet.

We just need a pic of Matthew and Anna in their matching shirt/dress.

betsyann said...

I know! I haven't manage to have both clean at the same time. :)

This kind of sewing is easy, because if you mess up, there's nothing lost. I love to take clothes and fiddle with them. Little girl dresses are the best because they're just columns. You should def. play around (after your test). :)