Sunday, September 13, 2009

Movie Notebooks

You know how the kids movies come with that annoying cardboard thing over the DVD, and it's just an extra step early on Saturday morning when you're trying not to wake up all the way? But you can't just throw it away because it is pretty... Enter Bind-it-all.

I was a little sick, and not thinking too clearly, so I made some punching errors, but they're still pretty cute.

The Mary Poppins box was a little worn already, but it has a cool feature...

Can you see the Velcro spots? It has a closure!

I used some old index cards that I had left over (maybe from info cards at my wedding??) for the pages. Nice and sturdy.

I also some cool old pattern envelopes that I wanted to do something with, so I scanned a couple, printed them on card stock, used a lovely piece of cardboard I had saved as a stiffening page, et voila! (I don't really know if that's what you'd say in French, but it sounded good to me)

I could never make these clothes, but they're fun to look at!

The trouble is, I have a problem with thinking "I could make something out of that, I should keep it" and then keeping way too much stuff. But then look! It did come in handy...wrong lesson.


Susan said...

I'd like a Betsy made planner that I can fit in my purse. Do you happen to have a box of old planners that you've been waiting to use?

Melanie said...

I bet we have more stuff at our house waiting for 'this would come in handy for something someday' than you do! ;)

Melanie said...

I'm a dork, I did want to say how cute the notebooks were, and how I'm coveting your bind-it-all.