Saturday, September 12, 2009

My favorite artist

Anna watches Monk with us (We make her leave for the scary beginning part). As she is a little girl in love with love, her favorite episode from Season 7 was "Mr. Monk Falls in Love". There is a dancing scene, and Anna exclaimed "In a picture, they would be dancing and there would be a heart around them!" and then ran off to make that picture.
Here it is. It is my favorite drawing ever.

Look at the motion! The hair!
I was thinking of making a bunch of cards with the image, but really, like I need more cards in my life. Maybe I could give them away?
As a side note: Here's a Monk trivia game. I only got 41.7% correct. :(


Roach Momma said...

I like it too! What an artist :)

You can upload the pic to snapfish, shutterfly or someplace similar and make just about anything...notebooks, mugs, mousepads, cards, Christmas ornaments (gift idea, perhaps?). Just a thought!

In the Mix said...

I love the picture. Btw, I also only got 41.7%.

mllr said...

The picture is wonderful,I am sure it captured exactly what Monk was feeling...Spence is our Monk expert...I will have him try the test!

Susan said...

Boo-yah. 83.3%!