Tuesday, September 29, 2009


We spent the night in Quinter, at their only motel. They didn't advertise having wireless Internet, but the owner put me in the room that was closest to the lobby, and I had no trouble. I love small motels.

We woke up early for a change and went for a drive through Quinter. Found an estate sale! We wanted to buy all of the boxes of fabric, but settled for just one. (Coming soon, a post full of gushing about cute old fabrics)

Then we hit the road to see Castle Rock. This drive was not designed with Lady in mind. We were stuck for one or two panic-filled minutes, and then got out and decided to hike up and see it from a distance.

It was a really nice view on a pretty morning.

About 8 miles down the road is Park, KS. You can see the spire of the Catholic Church from the interstate. Go ahead and take Exit 99, it won't take that long, and it's worth it.

My pictures don't do it justice, it's full of stained glass windows depicting the saints, and usually unlocked.

We had a lovely visit, talking about saints and stained glass and saying prayers.


linda jean said...

It feels like it should be a photography goal to get pictures that are worthy of the NW Kansas churches. I'll have to add the church in Park for a visit. I've never been there. Nor have I been to Castle Rock.

malh said...

NW Kansas is one of my favorite places to drive. I will need to go to Castle Rock some time.