Saturday, September 05, 2009

Breaking my own rules

I stopped by the Sunflower Thrift shop know, just for a minute.

Found my nemesis, cute old cards. They only take cash, and I actually ran over to the ATM so that I could get the cards. Ridiculous.

And I broke my only real rule: no Get Well cards. Because I just don't send them out. Everything else, I can use, but those Get Well cards, maybe we just get well too quickly these days...I never end up sending them out.

But really-how could I resist this?

Leaving the store I decided I would just start sending out Get Well cards for other occasions. So if you get one for your Birthday, just admire the cuteness and ignore the inappropriateness. :)


mllr said...


easton's momma said...

You totally crack me up! You can send me a get well card anytime!

Momma M said...

Twice I have sent a get-well card just to be silly, and was told that they really were sick and that's why I must have been thinking of them. Either way it shows that you care!