Saturday, September 19, 2009


One week I picked 50 tomatoes from the garden, so I decided it was time to try canning.

I used Sarah's blog instructions, on my laptop set up in the kitchen. Modern cooking is funny. First thing she said to do was core and score them. I ended up using lots of bowls for canning.

Next was the blanching and peeling step. I liked this one, and the naked tomatoes looked cute to me. Then I put them into the cans and processed them in the big pot.

10 pints in all! I'm not 100% sure I trust myself, but I suppose it'll become clear when we open the cans if they're not edible.


In the Mix said...

Good job! They look lovely. Do the tops all have a good seal with no popping? They should be fine.

mllr said...

Homegrown tomatoes are the best! They didn't grow well here this year.

easton's momma said...

They look good. I think it'll become evident before you eat them if they didn't seal properly! My mom taught me to blanch them first, then put them in a sink full of cold water to cool down. Then you can core and peel in one step, instead of coring and Xing, then blanching, then back to peeling. Just saves one step, but both ways work. I did my first batch of spaghetti sauce in the pressure canner this weekend all by myself! Thank God for cell phones, cuz I called my mom a few times with questions!