Thursday, October 10, 2013

Best of the A's

This semester in the Library I'm reading in the Easy section, authors A-E.  I finished the A's a few weeks ago and thought I ought to highlight some of my favorites before I forgot.

This one was kind of sad, about a girl who doesn't want Winter to come, but I liked it.

This one was just so interesting and strange, a family of painters who worries about their son, but it all comes out in the end.  

A very nice story about how good things can make us better.

We have a whole series of these about different painters and I loved them all.  My highest recommendation.

I checked this out for Anna after I read it, she loved it, and it's been circulating quite a bit in 3rd grade since.  :)

This one has Aesop's fables, and a little explanation, and some fantastic and detailed artwork.

A pioneer story that broke my heart. What a hard journey!

The true story of elephants who paint, with pictures of their artwork and of the elephants painting.  

Those are MY favorites, and not the kids favorites.  The kids love the Fly Guy books by Tedd Arnold, but I read them and I don't get it.  

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