Thursday, October 24, 2013


Yesterday was so great-it was good for me to think about what the problem is, and think about what I really need to do, and I was reading your comments and thinking it all through (I do the 6 thing too at work Brandy), and then Melanie hit the nail right exactly on the head.

My problem is really the child care bit.  I don't like to ask people, so I put it off, hoping that by some chance Daddy will be free, but he's not ever free 9 months out of the year, and then it's a mess.

My family expanded while my crew of baby watchers contracted.

So here's my plan.

I have to look at the schedule every week and see what I'm going to need help with, and then, on Tuesdays, I have to call and make arrangements.  Yuck.


I think I have to find some babysitters!  So today's edition of "help Betsy figure out her life" features these questions:  How on earth do you find a good babysitter?  How does it work these days?  How does it work in the country?  Back when I was a babysitter, parents picked me up and took me home until I was of driving age, but that doesn't seem like it would work in the country.  And wouldn't we need a babysitter who could drive anyway, for emergencies?  Do kids still babysit?  They have so many activities!

And how much do you have to pay a babysitter?

This is all very overwhelming.  I think I'll be a hermit.    


In the Mix said...

Oh I have this problem too. I'm curious to see the wealth of knowledge that comes from your commenters. :)

Kelsey Gray said...

I did a lot of babysitting before I could drive, but it was for children in my neighborhood, so my parents were nearby, with a car. I would love to hire a baby-sitter, but then we couldn't afford to go out...

betsyann said...

That's what I'm afraid of too, Kelsey, but it's not going out-it's keeping my job. :(

dbilberry said...

Could you ask around at the community college for names of good reliable lady students looking for extra work? Not sure. We are super lucky to have an older neighbor without kids who loves our kids. Can you maybe find a stay at home mom you could trade services with? You watch her kids so she can have some date nights, and she watches yours so you can do work? That's just off the top of my head.

Darin Seidel said...

Are the times you need a sitter time you would in town? If so, could you drop off the kiddos for a play date/sitters during that time? We started with our neighbors, since that isn't an option, start with church. Are there youth at church you would trust? The ones in the nursery? The college might have names or a website they can refer you too.

We have found if you pay well, they will come back and not mind. We pay about $10/hour. A lot for 1 kid who is super easy. I would say $5-$15/hour depending on how many kiddos they are watching and for how long. It is nice if they can drive but they would need access to the booster/car seats.

Do you work in town? Could you use the community day care center the days you need care during the day? A nanny, could be an option also.

Good luck!

MandP said... is where we found both of our wonderful, wonderful nannies. (You can also find sitters there!!) Our first one left us to a promotion at her other job (with salary and benefits, we told her she HAD to take it), which left us with a new wonderful nanny and an old wonderful nanny who now babysits. We live where there is no family, so we've had to create our own "village." One of my charge-nurses daughters is in nursing school, she babysits, and some friends of Patrick's from the Rotary Club fill in sometimes. I'd say ask your coworkers for teenage/college daughters, then hit-up the church youth-groups, then hit

When I was 13 I babysat all 4 Sexton kids way out on their farm -- Molly was still a baby -- by myself with no car!!! Steve would pick me up and when we got out to their dirt road he'd let me drive. It was so fun!! But I think of it now, I'm not sure I'd let a 13 year old babysit for just Ben!!! (In fact, I'm SURE I wouldn't!!)

jmlo said...

Sure wish I could help you with this...