Friday, October 11, 2013

Lentil's Vocation

Every life has a purpose.

We were going to have a baby on Good Friday, and we were calling him Lentil, but he skipped all the hard of this world and slipped right into the next.

MJL and I have been trying to think of the things that Lentil accomplished during his little life, and it's pretty impressive, I think.

1.  He inspired me to go through the entire house and donate at least 15 big bags of things.  I think I touched every single item on the main floor.  He was generous.

2.  He helped us to realize that a) MJL really wants me to quit my job and b) I really don't want to.  So that'll be fun to figure out.  :)

3.  He brought us all a LOT of joy.  We've just been so happy the past three months, I don't know how many times I thought "I've never been so happy" and happy like that is a rare gift.

4.  He made us laugh so much.  Here's one of the craziest things ever--  

   I get very sentimental when pregnant.  Katrina said that she would have known even if she hadn't known because of all of the references to crying.  But this-this is a new low.

Beyonce's "Run the World Girls"  is on my sister's wedding mix, and it was playing in the car.  I usually skip this song but I didn't.  And at 3:29-I welled up in pride and solidarity.  I listened again the next day, and yep, still made me cry.  And then laugh a lot.  Because it is CRAZY to cry at a Beyonce song.


I linked to this video because it's quite a bit less strange than the official video.  Hear the line at 3:29?
"Strong enough to bear the children, then get back to bidness."

Thanks Lentil!  Give Grammy Rita a hug and we'll see you soon.


Katrina said...

Baby Lentil touched a lot of lives. I love picturing him with his Grammy Rita in pure joy in Heaven. (Anna painted that vision last night and it is a beautiful one.) He brought some vulnerability back to my life, for which I am very thankful. Lub lub.

Brandy said...

So sorry to hear this. He is up there playing with my little one that left us on Christmas eve last year. Prayers to you and your family. His grammy is taking good care of him.

jmlo said...

Really a sweet memorial to your little one. Well--at least one of your kids gets to live near some of mine. I am sure they will be great friends. :)