Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Closet

My closet has always been one of my favorite rooms in this house.  In the beginning I thought it was because it was one of the first places that was "done".  I convinced MJL that we could go in before we were supposed to and hang shelving, so when we moved in I could put my clothes away right away and it was lovely and organized.

That's probably it, it's the only place in the house that no one else messes with so it stays nice.

So it's odd to me that it's also one of the places where I'm the most "wanty".  Or maybe it's that I know these things are ridiculous so I'll never buy them for myself but they're also super boring so MJL is not going to buy them for me.

I want clear shoe boxes from the Container Store for my shoes.  So I could see them and they would all be in the same size box.

I've pared down my shoes-wouldn't they be lovely in clear boxes?  

Although it would be more obvious that I have 9 pairs of pink shoes.  

I love these velvet padded hangers-I have 6 I think, all from thrift stores, in all different colors.  I don't even know if you can buy them new.  (I Googled it, you can, but I didn't see any lovely hot pink velvet ones)  I like to hang my most precious sweaters on them.  

I love clothes.  I notice what people wear.  I could definitely tell you what sorts of things people wear before I could tell you their eye color, for example.  But I hate shopping.  I would really like to figure out what I like to wear, and only buy that, and have just a few things that I love that I wear over and over and over.  I haven't quite figured it out yet.  Except I know I love pink shoes.  

 I'm trying that thing you read in magazines, where you turn your hangers around (only I have my hangers high and low) and when you wear something you move the hanger.  At the end of the season you have to get rid of everything that's still hanging up high.  It makes me kind of scared and sad, because I love all of these clothes, but I suspect there are things that I don't ever wear.  

And really, this is too many t-shirts.  


Katrina said...

You also love those sweaters from Wheatfield's. And I learned something new about you: I had no idea you noticed clothes like you do. Clear shoe boxes actually seem fairly practical, in my opinion. Less digging around.

In the Mix said...

I'm with Katrina on this. I'm pretty sure becoming more efficient is good, not wanty. The hangers are also good because they preserve/protect clothing from being damaged or stretched out. These are all practical.

dbilberry said...

I like the high low idea. Maybe I will try that.

Melanie said...

Funny, I just started doing the hanger thing, too! Though I don't know how to work with those clothes I haven't worn since 2 kids ago, but would really like to wear again!