Friday, October 25, 2013

Ingleside 10/24/13

Whew-this was a very introspective week.  Not my favorite.  But I think we've made some good progress.  The college will be a great place to look, and I can talk to Abby and find out which of her friends are still in town.  Thanks for all of your help.  Meanwhile, here's what's been happening at Ingleside...

I made most of Jimmy's costume one day while Katie and Jimmy made giant messes in my craft room.  But we had fun together!

Jimmy still naps in his swing, but now he also climbs in and swings it himself-so high and fast, it scares me.

This bottle of something has been in the fridge for a couple of weeks.  An experiment with cousins.

Anna's work from PSR this week.  

Grammy Joan gave Katie this prayer cube and it has our old daycare meal prayer on it.  Very fun.

He did manage to take her down just after this picture.  Watch out Katie!

Anna's awesome piano teacher made a simpler arrangement of the Cosette song from Les Mis.  She's loving it, and it's really fun to hear.  

Anna vacuums on Thursdays, and it is my favorite thing ever.  I like how she vacuums right up to the gnome, but doesn't move him.  

Happy Weekend!  

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Susan said...

Awww, daycare prayer! I recognized it instantly, even before I read the caption. Good stuff.