Monday, October 21, 2013

Fr. Klein

This Fall at St. Dominic we've had Fr. Terrance Klein as our interim pastor, and the snatches of homilies that we are able to hear while keeping Katie and Jimmy in the pew are fantastic.  

I don't quite understand how we got to have a priest who has written four books and is a professor of theology, but we thoroughly enjoyed having him.  

And we just found all of his homilies and articles online!  I haven't read them all, though I look forward to it. 

From the past four months I can recommend 

A Center for the Self,  which will forever change the way I see the Fall landscape in Kansas,  

Lost and Found, about the Examen Prayer, something I've been trying to remember to do,

Stewards of the Land, about an issue that divides this part of the world, and

Creative Rewrites in which he quotes Snoop Dogg and Dante in the same paragraph.  :)

There are homilies about poetry, history, current events, saints, literature, and all with wonderfully clear nuggets of truth.   What a blessing for our little parish.  


In the Mix said...

I didn't get to read through all of his articles you linked but I loved the two I read. How long is he there for? Or has he already finished his interim service?

Susan said...

So lucky to have him. Should we all just start going to Dodge on Sundays? :)

betsyann said...

We get to keep him until November, so just a couple more weeks, and then he'll be in Dodge at the Cathedral.

Susu-MJL and I have talked about driving over if he does more morning classes. :)

Susan said...

Keep me posted and we'll come too!