Friday, October 04, 2013

Good Reads for Kiddos 9-14

This Summer NPR did a Backseat Book Club series where they talked to kids and authors of good kids books.  I heard a few of them and enjoyed them, I keep meaning to see if they have them on a podcast so we could listen to all of them sometime on a trip....  Nope.  You can listen online though, so maybe someday I'll remember that.  Here's a link to the Backseat Book Club.

Anyhoo-here's their list of 100 Must-Read books for Kids 9-14

I've only read 37 of them (Shhh!  I've only been a librarian for a year!)  Anna has read 27 of them.  There were many squeals when she was reading the list-"Ella Enchanted is on here!  That's my favorite book ever."  "The Borrowers!"  "Percy Jackson!!"  etc.

(As a side note-when should she start Harry Potter?  The problem I have is that the first few books are fine, but then they get pretty scary and dark.  It worked initially, because the kids grew up as they were waiting for the books to come out.  But Anna could read all of those in a month!  And won't she want to once she starts?--any input?)

Looks like a pretty good list to me.  What do you think?


In the Mix said...

I'm reading the Harry Potter books out loud to the kids. Phinn could read them on his own but I want to share the experience of reading them with the kids. It will take us a while to get through them this way and we can stop and chat about them too. I plan on doing this with LOTR too.

Susan said...

The 21 Balloons made the list, so it must be legit.

Melanie said...

I need to print this and take it with me to the library--many on here I haven't even heard of!

No advice on Harry--I still haven't read it. But I have been wondering if C is too young (8) to start the Hobbit or LOTR. He is DEVOURING books and it's so hard to find interesting for him, but not keep him up at night scary! What are the Percy Jackson ones like?

Some of the books on the list do look kind of dark for kids at the young end of the age range.

betsyann said...

I think that Percy Jackson must be pretty dark and scary. She started them maybe a year ago and had some nighttime scares at first. I think if I had read everything she reads like I thought once I would have time to do that I wouldn't have let her read them yet.