Friday, October 18, 2013

Katie language and Anna questions

1.  Rehearsal
2.  Careful
3.  With
4.  Toothpaste
5.  Cloth

And a few weeks ago we had a doozy of a ride home where Anna asked me three separate questions that I did not know the answers to.  Any help?

1.  What was WWI about?
2.  If you are flying faster than the speed of sound, can you hear?
3.  Why do some things melt and some things burn?

I'm sorry, Dad.  I'm sure I should know the answers to all of these.


Roach Momma said...

Keenan and I used our combined brain powers on these. Ok, so mostly his brain powers as the kids have sapped most of mine! ;)

1. In short - the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand sparked WWI. Because of various treaties/alliances everyone jumped in to defend or avenge his death.

2. Keenan says yes, but only things that are ahead of you. So, you wouldn't be able to hear someone sneaking up behind you. ;)

3. Melting vs. burning depends on the amount of moisture. If something has a lot of moisture it heats up, boils and evaporates first which dissipates the heat. Every material has a melting point - the temperature at which it melts. As the heat dissipates at a material's melting point it will melt. Once the moisture is gone the heat must transfer through the material thereby burning it up. (Or at least that's what I remember from Keenan explaining it to me last night!)

Hope that helps! :)

betsyann said...

I knew about Archduke Ferdinand, but I thought surely there was something else. Who could be that important?


In the Mix said...

That's what I remembered about WWI but I thought it must be more complicated than that. :)
Had no idea about the speed of sound questions. Had a vague idea about the melting vs burning.
Daniel's comment was that those were all excellent questions. Smart girl.